Anonymous asked: hi do you have any tips for motivation to work out i want to but I'm just to tired all the time

This is for running but it also applies to working out.

Instead of approaching this like it’s going to be a changing moment in your life, where it’s now or never… just run today.

Just today and only today. 

Get up off your chair, close your bedroom door, get into something that’s easy to run in, pick out your socks, lace up your shoes, get some good music going and attach it to yourself, get a bottle of cold water and put it in the fridge for when you get back and tie back your hair if you need.

Don’t think about the big picture. Just focus on this one run. Now while you leave the house, don’t plan where you’ll run or where you’ll go. As you stand in the driveway start to stretch your legs- your thighs, quads, hamstrings, your back, your arms, your ankles.. just loosen everything up. Now walk onto the street and start jogging and don’t forget to pace yourself. If you pass someone or someone sees you, don’t get self concious. You know what they probably think? 

“Hot damn she’s/he’s got great self control. She’s/he’s got determination. She’s/he’s going to be so fit.” But you know what else? Even if they don’t think that (they probably won’t care)… you will never know what they think so it’s a waste of time to try and guess. 

As you’re running… NOW you should think about the future. Only while you are running should you plan ahead.

-warning this is an incredibly useful and amazing tip so hold onto your chair-

In the middle of your run… pull out your phone or ipod and open up a voice memo and start recording. Now tell your phone how much you freakin’ are loving this mental therapy right now. How you want to do it again tomorrow and every day after that. How much stress is off your shoulders now. How it’s really not that hard now that you’re out there doing it. How the preparation was actually really simple and definitely worth it. Then stop the recording. (You can do this while running or take a short break and have a walk. If there are people nearby, don’t worry they probably think you’re just on the phone with someone.)

Try it. 

Get home, have a shower and then tomorrow when you are lacking the motivation. Listen to your recording. There is nothing more powerful than your very own voice telling you it’s worth it.


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